iOS 8 and Health app

Apple provided some new details about Apple’s new Health app, which will be included in iOS 8. You can download iOS 8 and the new Health app on September 17, 2014.

The new Health app provides an easy-to-read dashboard for all of your health and fitness data. Developers can use the HealthKit SDK to consolidate your health and fitness data  in one place on your iOS device.  Apple’s Health web site contains more information about the Health app and HealthKit SDK.

The Health app stores and analyzes your heart rate, calories burdened, blood sugar, cholesterol. It also provides an emergency card (accessible from the lock screen) that provides important health information such as your blood type and allergies.

Other new features of Health app include:

  • Quickly view your most recent health and fitness data in one dashboard.
  • v a list of the different types of data being managed by Health, and view each type of data individually.
  • Control over exactly which data to share with each health and fitness app.
  • Allow health data to be shared directly with your doctor (such as blood pressure).
  • Your health and fitness data is encrypted on your iOS device and in the cloud.

Every iOS app that shares your health and fitness data with the Health app will be required to comply must have its own privacy policy and must also comply with Apple’s new privacy policy.

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