Apple’s HealthKit Suffering from “Bugs”

It seems that Apple’s iPhone launches have consistently been plagued by issues — Anntennagate and Mapgate to name just a couple.  While at this point it shouldn’t, it surprises me that Apple’s issues always relate to the core functionality of the iPhone or Apple’s “next big thing” or app. You would think that after past issues arising that Apple would work extra hard to ensure that its new product is sure to work as advertised. Well, think again. Most recently, Apple’s new iOS 8 and HealthKit (released for download today) is fittingly suffering from bugs that are delaying the release of third-party apps.The iOS 8 bugs stop third-party apps from syncing their information with the Health app, which provides the dashboard for iPhone users to view and analyze their fitness and health data. The bugs could have had worse worse consequences, bugs could have misinterpreted the health and fitness data leading users and doctors to believe that users are suffering from a health problem. Apple expects to squash the bugs by the end of the month and issue a software update.  In the meanwhile, developers are left waiting for iOS 8 users to experience the full power of HealthKit and the Health app and the developer’s new and improved apps. As if Apple did not have enough problems leading up to the launch iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with the hacking of celeb iCloud accounts and release of their risqué photos across the web. Hopefully Apple will squash these bugs quickly so that we can all take advantage of Apple’s heavily anticipated and promising new features.


Antennagate related to the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 users would hold their phone in a “grip of death” resulting in a reduction or total loss of their cell phone signal. Apple’s “fix” was to offer free cases to its iPhone 4 early adopters.


Mapgate related to Apple’s Maps app that was intended to replace Google Maps as the default mapping application on iOS. Unfortunately, Maps did not work as advertised and created serious safety issues, which ultimately prompted an apology from Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. If you’re like me and mindlessly follow your GPS’s instructions, Maps would lead you into some hairy situations….

After the Maps apps fiasco I used Google Maps app for my turn-by-turn navigation needs. I have now switched to Waze (now owned by Google) for my turn-by-turn navigation needs. Waze is a communiy-based mapping, traffic and navigation app that provides “real-time” information on traffic, hazards and speed traps based on reports submitted by “Wazers.”

Steve Jobs PISSED OFF Moments

During my search for videos for this post, I came across this little gem, a compilation of Steve Jobs PISSED OFF Moments (1997-2010).

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