CelebGate Continues…More Celeb Photos Released Online

Dubbed “The Fappening” — #TheFappening and #TheFappening2 — an anonymous hacker continues to release celeb photos and videos obtained from the celebs’ iCloud accounts.

Nude photos and videos of Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, Gabrielle Union, Hayden Panitierre, Avril Lavigne, Kaley Cuoco and Hope Solo are being posted online, again. The hacker/hackers releasing the photos and videos must not be worried about getting caught by the feds.

The celeb photos and videos have been released on sites such as reddit and 4chan ( the source of the original leaks) and twitter. This time around reddit and 4chan are quickly removing the photos and videos. The hackers are also sharing the files as a torrent on ThePirateBay.org — a ship that I thought sunk long ago.

It is good to know that Apple barred the storage of health and fitness data on iCloud.  Not that my personal health and fitness information is more appealing as nude celeb photos and videos.

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