Create Your iOS 8 Medical ID Now – It Could Save Your Life

One of the most boring new “features” in iOS 8 could end up being its most important one for your someday. It could save your life.

The only thing that works in the Health app right now is your Medical ID, which consists of fields for you to input your vital medical information for first responders (medical conditions, allergies, emergency contacts, blood type and more).

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your personal Medical ID.

To set up your Medical ID follow these easy instructions:

1.   Open the Health app.

2.   Press the Medical ID (*) tab at the bottom-right of your screen. Then press the red “Create Medical ID” text.

Medical ID - Photo 13.   Now it is time to create your Medical ID by inputting your medical information.

4.   If you want a first responder to be able to access your Medical ID from the “Emergency” screen when your phone is locked, you must slide the “Show When Locked” toggle to the right (see below). Otherwise, the first responder will need to figure out which of your lifeless fingers unlocks your iPhone by placing each one on the Touch ID scanner. I suggest you slide that little toggle while you still can.
Medical ID - Photo 3
5.   Enter your name and medical information into the appropriate fields by pressing each filed and inputting the information. You may also want to press “add photo” and snap a selfie so that the first responder can see what you look like when you are not unconscious or dead. If you think you may look better unconscious or dead, maybe you don’t want to add a photo.
Medical ID - Photo 2

6.  You can add one or more “Emergency Contacts” by selecting a contact and phone number from the Contacts stored on your iPhone, so the information should always be up to date. You then select your Emergency Contacts relationship to you.
Medical ID - Photo 6
7.  Select whether you are an organ donor and your blood type and enter your weight and your height.

8.  Before pressing “Done” at the top right of the Health app, take a moment and review all of the information you input into your Medical ID to confirm it is accurate. A mistake or omission could be the difference between life and death.

9.   Press “Done”.

10.  Lock your iPhone. On the lock screen press “Emergency” and then press “Medical ID”.
Medical ID - Photo 3
11.  Confirm the appropriate information appears in your Medical ID and is accurate. If any information is inaccurate, unlock your iPhone and update the information using the Health app.

Medical ID - Photo 5

12.  You’re finished! Hopefully your Medical ID will never need to be used, but at least the medical information is there should it be necessary. Make sure you update your Medical ID should any of your medical information change.

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