Health App Works! Now What?

Apple cured the bugs plaguing its Health app and HealthKit and iOS apps are beginning to collaborate and share health and fitness data.

I had some time to mess around with the new Health app. It does a fantastic job collecting the health and fitness data from your iPhone’s health and fitness apps, and the simple charts on Health app’s dashboard are coming alive.

Health App Dashboard

Health app – Dashboard

Adding Sources and Data to Health App

MyFitnessPal is a FREE app (iTunes Store) and has a companion web site for you to keep a free food and fitness diary. After you install MyFitnessPal you can open Health app and select the privileges MyFitnessPal and the other apps that share data with Health app.

Health app – Sources
Health app – Permissions

Viewing Specific Health and Fitness Data in Health App

You can view charts for specific health and fitness data by selecting the “Health Data” tab and then selecting a category.

Health app – Health Data

You can then view the data and choose to add the data to your Health app’s main dashboard by toggling the “Show on Dashboard” to on (see below).

Health app – Data

MyFitnessPal is not the only app that collaborates with Health app.

Below are some great iOS apps that play nicely with HealthKit and Health app.

 1. MyFitnessPal (iTunes Download – FREE) helps you reach your weight loss goals with a calorie counter that searches the apps large database of foods (with nutrition information) and exercises so you can easily track calories consumed and burned.  The app allows you to scan barcodes to easily add packaged food.

2. Carrot Fit (iTunes Download – $2.99) is a sadistic app that helps you get your flabby ass in shape with some humor and 7 minute workouts. Travel through time, protect your property from hobos, and appease and elder god in 12 original exercises (with another 12 available through in app purchase). Add a little humor to your workout.

3. Map My Run (iTunes Download – FREE) lets you press Start and begin your workout. The app tracks running, cycling and over 600 other activities, keeping track of your pace, GPS Route Mapping, Distance, Route Navigation, Calorie Counting and much more.

4. Runtastic (iTunes Download – FREE or $4.99) tracks your distance, duration, speed, elevation change, calories burned and more for activities including running, jogging, biking, skating and cross-country skiing. The pro version of the app ($4.99) includes a voice coach, auto pause, routes, challenge past runs, training goals, interval training with coaching and more.

5. Lark (iTunes Download – FREE) makes use of your iPhone’s sensors to track your activity, eating and sleep data, and then chats with you to help you improve your life. With a sense of humor and useful tips to improve your health, Lark is a great free app designed by top behavior and health experts to help you get fitter, lose weight, stress less, and sleep better.

Share some of your favorite iOS apps in the comments.

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