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10 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost time to commit to our New Year’s health and fitness resolutions – eat healthy, workout more, quit smoking. Here are 10 great tips from Gaiam to help you keep yours:

10 Tips to Help Your New Year’s Resolution

Simple Science Fitness

A great educational and helpful health and fitness resources to help you reach your own fitness and health goals.

Steve Jobs Would Not Be Happy

Apple hyped its release of iOS 8 and touted its amazing new features. Unfortunately, we can’t use all of them. Steve Jobs would not be happy with Apple’s execution of its most recent product launches – other than the record breaking iPhone sales.

Check out the 5 major iOS 8 features that you can’t even use yet by

MapMyFitness for iPhone Lets You See All Your Activity in One Place

MapMyFitness for iPhone Lets You See All Your Activity in One Place by

Apple Bars Health Data from iCloud

Apple Bars HealthKit Data from iCloud Ahead of iOS 8 Launch by International Business Times

Good news on the privacy and security front! International Business Times reports that Apple’s strict rules for developers keeps your health data off of iCloud. A good idea in light of the past iCloud hacking fiasco.


iPhone Users Fume Over iOS 8 Download

iPhone Users Fume Over iOS 8 Download, Say Apple’s New Operating System Eats Storage Space, Takes Too Long to Install by

It should come as no surprise that iOS users are complaining about iOS 8 gobbling up valuable storage space and taking forever to install. The substantial amount of storage place required and wait-times to download iOS 8 (and accompanying complaints) have happened with every iOS launch. Unfortunately, this is what happens when every Apple fan and their parents are downloading Apple’s newest iOS to experience Apple’s newest features (except HealthKit – for now). I plan on installing iOS 8 later tonight, and will be picking up my iPhone 6 from the store tomorrow (hopefully).

iPhone 6 to Put a Health Coach in Your Pocket

iPhone 6 to Put a Health Coach in Your Pocket by