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Track Steps, Flights and Distance with Health App On Your iPhone

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have built-in low-power sensors that allow you to make use of some of Health app’s features without third-party sensors and apps.

Your new iPhone’s built-in sensors track steps, walking and running distance, and flights of steps and then share that data with Health app without draining your battery.

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App Review: Lark

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Lark is a great free app that makes use of Health app using the HealthKit API. Lark uses the lower power sensors in the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus to track your activity, eating and sleep data without draining your battery. No extra sensors are required, but it does require you to have your iPhone on you every time you move to collect data. Something that I am not too good at.

You can authorize Lark to share its data with Health app. This will allow you to use Health app’s simple and informative graphs and charts to analyze the health and fitness data gathered by Lark.

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Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus TV Ad – Health

Apple’s new commercial focuses on the Health app using an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Health App Works! Now What?

Apple cured the bugs plaguing its Health app and HealthKit and iOS apps are beginning to collaborate and share health and fitness data.

I had some time to mess around with the new Health app. It does a fantastic job collecting the health and fitness data from your iPhone’s health and fitness apps, and the simple charts on Health app’s dashboard are coming alive.

Health App Dashboard

Health app – Dashboard

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Apple Bars Health Data from iCloud

Apple Bars HealthKit Data from iCloud Ahead of iOS 8 Launch by International Business Times

Good news on the privacy and security front! International Business Times reports that Apple’s strict rules for developers keeps your health data off of iCloud. A good idea in light of the past iCloud hacking fiasco.


Apple’s HealthKit Suffering from “Bugs”

It seems that Apple’s iPhone launches have consistently been plagued by issues — Anntennagate and Mapgate to name just a couple.  While at this point it shouldn’t, it surprises me that Apple’s issues always relate to the core functionality of the iPhone or Apple’s “next big thing” or app. You would think that after past issues arising that Apple would work extra hard to ensure that its new product is sure to work as advertised. Well, think again. Most recently, Apple’s new iOS 8 and HealthKit (released for download today) is fittingly suffering from bugs that are delaying the release of third-party apps. Continue reading Apple’s HealthKit Suffering from “Bugs”

Apple Updates Privacy Policy for Health and Fitness Apps

Apple Inc. has updated its privacy policy in advance of the impending release of Apple’s HealthKit SDK and Health app to prohibit the sale of your health and fitness data.

YouTube: Apple Keynote – HealthKit API and Health app

Health app will be iOS 8’s new hub for health and fitness data collected by third-party app developers and fitness-trackers and stored in a central and secure location on your iPhone or iPad. Health app will provide you with a single app to view and analyze all your health and fitness data stored on your iOS device. You decide what data is shared between each of your other health and fitness apps.  With the sharing of personal health and fitness data between apps it creates the potential for the data to be misused. As a result, Apple decided to update its privacy policy to avoid the potential misuse of data and related privacy issues.

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